Extreme Sports

The Deadliest Extreme Sports Countdown

A bull rider’s goal is to spend 8 seconds riding bareback on an angry bull and survive. You can receive various degrees of rodeo fractures. These athletes don’t just sit on a bull, they have to anger the animal to get its full potential while riding. You can even get muscle and ligament sprains and […]

Recreation & Sports

Fly Fishing Basics And Gear

For those that are interested in taking some time off and enjoy the outdoors, fly-fishing is one of the most well-respected sports and recreation activities to do. There are many things that go into fly-fishing, such as understanding of the reels the fly line the casting in order to successfully fly fish. Therefore, in the following brief […]

Recreation & Sports

The Differences Between Recreational and Medicinal Dispensaries

With as many as 10 states completely legalizing recreational marijuana, and 32 states legalizing medical use. It wouldn’t be a surprise that your state either implemented some new cannabis reform, or will most likely over the next few years. So as someone maybe interested in consuming cannabis, it is important to know the differences between recreational […]

Motor Sports & Accessories

Motorsports and Other Alternatives to Living an Active Lifestyle

Waking up at the crack of dawn to exercise is not for everyone. In fact, it’s not for most people. Even if you’re an early riser, there are a variety of reasons why it can be difficult to maintain a morning exercise routine for a long period of time – most people fall off within […]