Dhoni’s Helicopter Shot Reality

It is said that Cricket is a Gentleman’s Game, but since many decades the game has become more about innovative batting and bowling techniques invented by cricketers. Today, you can master difficult batting strokes from the comforts of your home. You can play fantasy cricket online and experience the thrill on-field cricket right on your desktop and mobile phone.

Today, we will decode the mystery of helicopter shot, which was popularized by none other than MS. Dhoni, one of the greatest cricketers of the Indian cricket team. Let’s go down the memory lane then, shall wel? Do you remember MS. Dhoni’s helicopter shot that was played against England in an ODI at Goa in 2006?

The way the ex-captain of Indian cricket team had hammered James Anderson’s full-length delivery by bringing the bat down with a fearsome speed, had perplexed not just the bowler, but the commentators and audience as well.

How Did Dhoni Play the Helicopter Shot?

The ball was spanked over the long on by Dhoni while his body moved at an opposite direction of the shot, making the ball transfer in a reverse way. The 360 degrees rotation of the bat and swinging of the ball high from the bottom caught the attention of everyone, who was left wondering what just happened. This is when the innovative shot was given the name- helicopter shot.

  • Technically, this shot is played against Yorker or full-length delivery by flicking the bat towards the leg side and twisting the bat in an overhead circle.
  • The ball has to be whipped over the shoulder in a way to resemble like the blades of a helicopter.
  • The shot requires extreme power, which undoubtedly Dhoni is known for. After all, he is a perfectionist when it comes to execution.

It is an extremely difficult shot to play and can be played on-field only by those who have apt experience in executing it. But when you opt for fantasy cricket game on the internet, you can execute the shot against a bowler, with just a flick of fingers.

History of the Helicopter Shot

It was Mahendra Singh’s childhood friend, Santosh Lal who taught him to play this shot. Santosh Lal was also an Indian cricketer, who had an active career between 2004 and 2008 before losing the battle to cancer. While the helicopter shot became a huge hit among audience only after Dhoni sported it several times over his career, he is not the first batsman to have played this shot.

It was first deployed by Sachin Tendulkar at Durham in 2002, when India was playing the NatWest series against England. Sachin was the fourth batsman in and played an innings of 105*, not to mention the helicopter shot that wooed everyone in the game. After Sachin, the shot was also mastered by other cricket-giants such as Abdul Razzaq, Sir Vivian Richards, Glenn Maxwell, and many more.

How to Execute the Helicopter Shot on Your Own?

Dhoni had perfected the shot when playing cricket on the streets before trying it out professionally. So, of course, it is not possible to master this popular shot within a day. You will definitely have to start from the basics when playing on the field. Since the shot requires power and prior calculation of the delivery type with suitable wrist and foot movement, you should not risk it, until you are prepared to learn it from the scratch like a rookie, or you may end up injuring yourself.

It is said that practice makes a man perfect, so you will get to the shot, when you play it often. Another way to play helicopter shot is by downloading the fantasy cricket app, which is a cricket-game app where you can create own teams with players of your choice and play against other nations, any game of your choice (one-day, test, T20, IPL, etc). If you select Dhoni as one of the team members, then you may just chance upon the helicopter shot against a delivery.

That’s not just about it, you can play fantasy cricket and win cash daily by participating in cash tourneys and games. So do not wait longer if you want to play the helicopter shot online. All you have to do is download the game, and begin playing, and experience cricket like never before.