Air purifier and air diseases

The era of industrialization produce harmful effects on whole earth environment but we will see its most dangerous effect of people in big cities. Because when we are developing big industries at the same time we are developing big cities around them so people can go to their work easily. But now these people get affected by it most they face air pollution problems more than any other area. If you see in many big cities people always wear masks on their faces to get rid of the effect of air pollution. The average human life period is less in these cities then other parts of the world and many people died because of air pollution in these cities. Now people thinking about air pollution seriously. Doing research on how it affects human life and how we can reduce it.

Many companies are producing different products to control air pollution and water pollution in a controlled environment. They produce such a product which will provide you pollution free air for your room and home. Because these innovation work in a limited area you cannot use it in an open environment. They will help you to purify the air of your room and home only. They are producing the best product like alpine air purifiers and sales here to provide a pollution free environment for the human being.

Reasons for Air pollution:

So if we talk about air pollution that what is the source of its production we will find chumminess of factories on top. The smoke which they are involving in our air is basically the combination of smoke and harmful chemicals which is produced during the production of different products in these factories. This will affect the human being most. Then we have our automobiles which produce harmful gasses while moving from one destination to another.

But now the government of all countries takes notice of this thing and gave notice to all these kind of factories to work on their waste recycling process. So by doing so the amount of air pollution, they are producing now is reduced. Same why the automobile industry starts working on the reduction of air pollution and invents cars which will not produce air pollution and move with the help of electric power which produces no air pollution.

Diseases due to air pollution:


The most commonly spreading disease in human beings due to air pollution is Asthma. In this disease, a person feels difficulty in breathing properly. He cannot perform its routine activity actively because there are high chances of asthma attach if he involved in an activity related to dust or pollution. So the person who had this disease always has its medicine with him because when he needs them no one can say.

Lungs Cancer:

The second more dangerous disease which is associated with air pollution is lungs cancer and we all know how bad it is in very its nature. There are very rare chances for a human being to get rid of this disease. Air pollution is badly affecting human lungs because it is the first organ of the human body which interacts with it directly. So all the bad ingredient in air effects it first and worst way.