Hiking Triglav and its wonders

If you are a bit of a dreamer, love fairy tale landscape, beautiful mountains, you should try hiking Triglav and see the seven Triglav lakes. You will be tired from the round trip, which lasts the whole day, but your hearth will be filled with so much soul food you cannot even imagine.

You will think you are dreaming

The beauty of hiking Triglav is something that cannot be described in words; you have to see this beauty and picturesque environment. Our hiking Triglav tour starts in Bohinj, an area that is already part of the Triglav National Park. Then we hike up to 2000 metres and we pass seven more lakes on our round hiking Triglav trip. We will ask you about your favourite at the end of the hike…. And we promise you that it will not be easy to decide, as all the lakes are amazing. And their surroundings is stunning, the geography and geology, high Alpine meadows filled with beautiful protected Alpine flowers, some game grazing here and there. If you are lucky enough, you can even hear chirping marmots.

Hiking Triglav really is a trip showing Triglav’s seven wonders, as the seven Triglav lakes really are amazing. Their pure water, surrounded by unspoilt nature is something right out of a fairy tale. And the hike to them is a stunning experience as well. We will pass some mountain pastures, shepherd’s huts (they still produce cheese and other dairy products in some of them), sky high spruce trees, and, as it befits for hiking Triglav, stunning views of Mt. Triglav and its surrounding mountains.

How to prepare yourself for this hike

If you are not totally convinced of hiking Triglav and seeing its seven wonderful lakes, or if your health problems do not allow you to join us at hiking Triglav, we are happy to advise you to visit the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana or the Triglav National Park infocentre, where you can admire exhibitions showing the beauties that hiking Triglav offers.