The Best Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding and marriage events most welcomed in India for they are occasions of great rejoicing, family gatherings, and merriment. Every one of us wants to attend the wedding as we get to meet old family and friends,  party, and of course, go shopping.  A wedding means shopping, not merely for ourselves but for the happy couple.

Wedding gifts are chosen with care as they are cherished for a lifetime with sweet memories. So, the next time you plan to go wedding gift shopping, try to use these unique wedding ideas that are presented here.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

The wedding gift ideas presented here are clever, customized and cost-effective. They will surely impress the wedding couple while matching your budget too.

  1. Couple Cushions

Newly-weds have their own romantic moments to spend.  This time is precious and memorable for them and they preserve it memories for a lifetime. Gift them these cute couple cushions with their name embossed on them to enhance the value of these special moments.

Couple cushions come in lovely heart-shape and in red colour to reflect the romance in their relationship. They can also be customized in other shapes and colours, to suit their style. Just take the guidance of your expert print supplier to create these

Whatever their design may be, these fluffy, soft, cushions for the newly-wedded couple make an ideal gift for their wedding.

  1. Couple Coffee Mugs

The initial days of marriage are the most intimate one for the newly-weds. They like to spend most of their time together – eating, chatting and even sipping a cup of coffee. Those languorous moments of the morning when they both sit and watch the sunrise while they sip coffee from their favourite couple coffee mugs are too wonderful to miss. Why not gift the happily married couple a couple of cute couple coffee mugs to make these moments more memorable?

Get the couple fantastic photo mugs with their couple photo printed on them. The wedding couple will just love this thoughtful gift and remember you each day.

  1. Couple Coasters

If you think coffee mug are mundane,  think of some elegant couple coaster for the newly-wed. These coasters can be used by the couple at both the home and office. It is great to hold their water glasses, juice glasses, coffee, soda, tea cup, etc.

Customized couple coasters absolutely make for a great wedding gift. You can embellish thee couple coaster with a stylish photo of the newly-weds and create a magical gift that they will cherish forever.

  1. Photo Canvas Roll

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. All the more reason to go all out with your gifting. Every couple loves to have their wedding photo displayed in style at home.  Gift the lucky couple a quality photo canvas with their best wedding photo printed in a gallery style on canvas material.

The newly-wedded couple will love to hang this canvas in grand style in their foyer or drawing room. This gift of yours will definitely pass the test when it comes to stateliness and style.

  1. Photo Magnets

Cute, quirky and functional, photo magnets make budget-friendly gift option for the newly-weds. These photo magnet can be cutely fabricated by your expert print specialist in no time if you upload a wedding click of the best resolution on to their site.

Small yet sensational, these photo magnets are there to stay with the new couple every day. They can stick to a fridge, and every trip to the fridge, the couple will be reminded of this wonderful moment.

Tips to remember while buying gifts for the newly-weds

If you want to get a wonderful wedding gift for newly weds, then keep these recommendations in mind:

  1. Never buy a gift for only the bride or the groom. This will make the other party feel left out. Let the gift be common for both, or get a separate one for each.
  2. Design the gift to display the grandeur of the occasion.
  3. Select a gift and personalize it for the couple in such a way that they cannot cast it aside.
  4. Choose a gift that the couple will use daily.
  5. Let the gift be something to remember you by.

Customize the wedding gift to your perfection and get all these unique wedding gift ideas implemented from a trusted gift provider or print specialist who knows what they’re doing. Such professionals are renowned for their exhaustive range, expert workmanship and timely delivery.

Use these unique wedding gift ideas for every such occasion and make the lucky couple feel luckier by your gift!