What do you know about kayak?

If you need ideas to face the long-awaited summer holidays, and would like something new and alternative, think about Kayaking. The sea kayak excursions are now very popular in our area, also because it is the right solution for those who want to dedicate themselves to a slow approach to holidays (and away from mass tourism).

Kayaking like canoeing? Here are the things to know

Approaching kayaking as a beginner is not elementary: it is necessary to be properly prepared, assimilating everything that can be useful in facing an experience of this type. Even before relying on one of the different rowing and kayaking schools in Italy, it is necessary to take a step back to try to understand if, indeed, this sport can be for us.

Clothing and what to bring with you

What is the ideal clothing for kayaking? First of all, it is necessary to keep in mind some rules on how to dress and what to bring with you. First of all, the life jacket: a fundamentally important tool for tackling these disciplines safely. To be chosen in foam or inflatable according to your preferences and to always wear, even if you are already experienced. Sometimes the water can play tricks and it is good not to underestimate it and that is why, in addition to the life jacket, it is also advisable to wear a helmet. To avoid ruinous slips, then, choose rock shoes or footwear (the typical canoe ones are fine) with a resistant sole and suitable for moving on rocks and rocks.

Kayak trips: when to go

When to go kayaking? Surely the best seasons are late spring and summer until September, in order to avoid diving into (too) icy waters that can make the experience less pleasant, especially if you are a beginner. It goes without saying that the destination does a lot too: if you venture into the waters of a mountain stream, for example, it is good to prefer months like July and August, while if you dive in island or coastal waters you can hypothesize a canoe trip even in the first part of spring or late summer. Between lakes, rivers and crystal clear sea, there is only the embarrassment of choice. From north to south, including the islands, there are numerous itineraries that allow you to get to know the wonder of our local waters