It’s not only about the track

Every four years some of the world’s best athletes meet together to compete in the world Olympics. The next one is due to be held in 2020 in Tokyo from July 24th until August 9th. Aid sports fans will spend much of this time watching each of the countries compete in a variety of different events. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the Olympics is all about the events that are held on the track and the field of the Olympic stadiums. However, there are many many more sporting events that take place during this period. There are actually 41 different sports that take place during the Olympic period, of which the athletic event is just one.

Some of these are what we would class as traditional team events and include:

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Field Hockey

Hockey is in the top five most watched events in the whole of the Olympic series and it is thought that this has helped increased the popularity of the sport overall. Much like all of the other sports the players spend a lot of time training for the competition and the all-important qualifying games. You will find that teams focus on their skills and overall fitness and may even watch Hockey Training drills like

The men’s team from India is the most successful team having had six gold medals since field hockey was first introduced into the Olympic games.

Volleyball – both indoor and beach

Volleyball appears in two ways, one as an indoor event and the other as beach volleyball. Indoor volleyball first appeared in the Olympics in 1964 and as it has been a relatively new sport to the competition no one country is appearing as dominant.

Beach volleyball is one of the newest additions to the games having made its debut appearance in 1996. It follows the same idea as indoor volleyball with just a few small changes. The beach court is smaller than the indoor one and alongside this the teams are also smaller, with beach teams usually being made up of doubles and the indoor teams larger at six players. Due to the nature of the material that the games are being played on the beach volleyball is lighter than that of the indoor one.

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Water polo

Water polo first appeared in the Paris Olympics in 1900. It bears not really resemblance to polo, which is completed on horseback. The only comparison seems to be the name. It is an incredibly tough sport and has gained the nickname ‘water rugby’. The aim is to get your ball into the opposing teams goal, all whilst in a swimming pool!