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California Legalizes Non- Medical Marijuana Usage

In several states medical and recreational marijuana are both options for marijuana users. If you are over the age of 21, with a valid state ID, you are able to shop at any recreational shop in the state. If you are looking to use marijuana medically, you will have to apply for a medical card directly through a providing doctor. 

Since the usage of recreational cannabis is legal in the state of California, you may ask why anyone would need a medical card. Well since the passing of legislation the terms and legalities are still under controversy. Many counties in the state of California still do not allow recreational shops to open storefronts or maintain a business. In this case, the only way to obtain marijuana in any form is to hold a valid medical card. 

This makes things a little tricky for eager business’ ready to start their venture into the world of recreational cannabis. Although many large business’ were the first to jump on profiting off of recreational usage. Reducing the stigma and creating a more open mind frame when it comes to marijuana has been the number one indicator of a flourishing business opportunity. If you are interesting in diving into the business aspect behind marijuana recreational dispensaries are the perfect place to start. Get to know the shop owners and staff, study the product and who they are targeting, and fully understand the many ways to use cannabis. 

Recreational cannabis dispensaries are the perfect outlet for those who are just starting with marijuana usage and looking for a guide. The staff at most locations are informed and equip to start customers off on a personal marijuana experience. Keeping in mind that each customer uses cannabis for their own individual needs. Without passing judgement or shunning the usage, recreational dispensaries are also helping to reduce the stigma around marijuana usage. Many dispensaries like to create a community atmosphere in their shops, welcoming all types of customers in with open arms. 
If you’re looking to get started and visit a local recreational shop, start by checking your cities regulations and limitations. Next, visit any popular site such as weed maps to locate the nearest cannabis dispensary. Often time the menu is posted online for you to review the products before you enter the shop. Do your research and find which product you may be interested in before heading down to the dispensary. This helps ease your mind and makes the experience less stressful. 

It’s also important to understand the different effects of the many types of cannabis usage. There are many different products that create different outcomes for a customer, make sure you are clear with the staff about what you would like to achieve. If you are looking to treat anxiety, a CBD strain may work best for you. If you are looking to relax after work and get a peaceful nights sleep, you may look for an indica strain. There are many different experiences a customer could be looking for, visiting an advanced dispensary will help guide you in the right direction.