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The Differences Between Recreational and Medicinal Dispensaries

With as many as 10 states completely legalizing recreational marijuana, and 32 states legalizing

medical use. It wouldn’t be a surprise that your state either implemented some new cannabis reform, or will most likely over the next few years. So as someone maybe interested in consuming cannabis, it is important to know the differences between recreational and medicinal dispensaries. 

Each state runs on their own accord when it comes to cannabis regulation. The laws all vary. For example medicinal cannabis can be prescribed for certain things in some states, while not in others. So states are far more strict when it comes to giving out medical marijuana cards. Since the consumer has to go through a process to get a medical marijuana card, it is really treated like medicine. Medical dispensaries often tax and are regulated differently when compared to recreational cannabis stores. 

It is important before going to a medicinal dispensary in bremerton to have all of your paper work in check. Before visiting a medical dispensary you need the correct documentation for your state. Often coming in the form of a doctor’s recommendation, or a medical marijuana certification. Generally you have to be 18 and up. But there are exceptions to the rule. Many medicinal states allow for children with conditions such as, otherwise untreatable, seizures. 

When going into a medicinal dispensary, there is normally a waiting room. You will have to register with the dispensary. They also generally track your purchases. This helps patients and budtenders alike, to get the best medicine into peoples hands. Overall the medicinal cannabis dispensaries are a lot more like doctor offices than a store. While some times they are given a bad reputation, these dispensaries main purpose is to help people. 

Recreational cannabis is similar to medical marijuana but also varies. As more states are allowing recreational pot, the terms used have also been changed. States that legalize marijuana recreational have still kept a boundary between the two types of stores legally however. Recreational, or adult-use, shops are referred to as such, instead of being called a dispensary. Recreational shops also have less requirements to purchase. Firstly, you have to be at least 21 to purchase from a recreational shop. The only other thing you need is a valid, unexpired ID. 

The recreational stores are often treated far more like a business. They are focused on supplying to as many customers as possible, like any business. So budtenders are often far more busy, and have less time to specifically explain the nuance of cannabis consumption to everyone who comes into the shop. Also people hired at recreational shops may not be the biggest expert of those types of things. The budtenders will vary wide and large when it comes to knowledge on cannabis. Overall, regardless of the type of dispensary or shop you are trying to go into it is good to plan ahead. Calling them ahead of time to make sure you have all of your documentation ready ahead of time will help prevent any headaches.