Do you consider the playground a safe area for your kids?

A centre of excellence, fun and rekindling your old memories yes playgrounds like토토사이트 = 사설토토사이트 = 안전놀이터 = 사설토토 For sure this would be a place to stay. But you need to take care of.  Considering levels of excitement playground does call for a lot of dangers. With each passing year, the number of emergency issues playing in playgrounds is on the rise. Another surprising aspect would be nearly 1500 children yearly come out from a playground to an emergency ward. Ignoring the aspect that some major injuries are not even taken care off.

How do you take into consideration that your children do not fall in this bracket? At a happy level, it would not be that difficult to develop a playground that adds up to the fun and would be safe. A series of rules are to be at the forefront in order to ensure that the playground happens to be a safe place.

The main cause of playground injuries appears to be surfacing. Nearly 70 % of injuries reported from falling from high areas. For this reason, the safety of the equipment would be really important. You need to install them from 12 inches and above. Do not stick to strong materials as sand and rubber would be reliable choices

Then it comes to extension of the surface. Apart from the height, safety should give due consideration to absorb any fall from higher directions. The surface of safety needs to be extending of 6 feet from every direction along with twice the length of suspending bar wings.

Spacing would be another point to consider. Playground appears to be a place which attracts a lot of traffic. So when kids play they do pay a lot of attention when others come from opposite directions. You need to space the playground in a proper manner. Between the various types of playground equipment, there has to be a distance of 9 feet. The swings should be put forth in a separate area.

Any equipment you need to give due importance for sharp edges or points. To be in line with the above hardware should be prone to padding and safe. Any hooks or nails should be prone to padding in a secure manner. The stairs need to have proper handrails. The rails need to be at a proper height so that you can gear the playground in a proper manner. There are spaces in a certain type of playgrounds where kids could be prone to trapping in the narrow openings. Any opening needs to be more than 9 inches long or it has to be smaller than 1.5 inches to solve the problem.

The playground must be the most joyful place in the world, but if you cast a blind eye toward maintenance then trouble would be in store. It can go on to become a place of mishaps. At regular intervals of time check out the inspection of the playgrounds and detect any loopholes. This becomes easy to take care of the play area.